Listen in on some harsh pigeon talk……

2014 08 26 Pigeon Talk jpg sig




I can’t believe
You lied to me again today
You said you loved me
You even called me beautiful

You placed a silver charm
And cast a spell on me

I turned your name
Into a jewel
A purple amethyst

You just found another game
For me to play-

Over and Over again
I call your name
And now I hear it rhyme with
Everything I say!

Gill McGrath© Avis sedet in imbrem aureum.
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I can feel your stare!

2014 08 22 bird hiding in fig  tree jpg sig
Hey! You beautiful thing
I am talking to you
I know you are there
I can feel your stare
Take your eyes off me
As you sit in your tree

Yes, you are welcome to the figs
But leave some for me in place
Just smile for the photo now
I have only half your face. Gill© squeeze thumbnail for more 2014 08 25  big black bird fig jpg sig

a pretty mess in soft colours

2014 08 23 pretty mess jpg sigWhere butterflies lie still
Petrified on gossamer strings, attached to
Brittle dry seed heads on stiff stalks
Where waits…..
A perfectly placed spider in his web
You will need to squeeze and poke about, if you want to see…..!
Gill McGrath©
Donec mollis colores in bellum
a description from the field edge- asper in ore gladii

6.15 am. valley edge defined in pink saturated gold

2014 08 24  morning  a kind of blushing gold  jpg sig
Gill McGrath© Aug 24
Strange! It was very pink a bit earlier.
2014  08 24 golden  bird jpg sig And the fine bird moaning by the washing still shone gold when the sky turned blue.Press him for a closer look

Catch up on Basic Renaissance in 3 minutes flat!

If all you did this summer was sit in the sun, and ignore your education, you can catch up with your holiday reading right here! Go back (to school, class, work or to the pub) smarter that you were a few moments ago! Its painless. (warning. video contains a little nudity!)

(Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes. History Teachers)