what is it they see?

summer time
is it summer?
are they looking for planes?
or the kite
that can’t fly
that has been flying all day
in the wind
in the sky
unnerving the crows
Gill McGrath ©

2015 03 30  on a line  jpg sig

2015 03 30 29 yesterday night sky jpg sig

2015 03 30 29b  yesterdays sky jpg sig


2015 03 30 magic bean 800 jpg sig

2015 03 30 29 bean jpg sig

2015 03 30 todays sky and a kite jpg sig ‘Kite’ (one of them)

I remember standing at the sink at the end of last summer and picking through the last of the runner beans to slice up for the last pot of the season and finding, as usual, one special pink and black dotted bean and declaring it magic, how we would have to plant it and then leaving it on the window sill! After that it’s a bit of a haze as to what happened to it. Did n’t give it another thought! But just a couple of weeks ago a new leaf, appeared in the Aloe Vera pot which has sat on the same window sill for over a year now! The new shoot, clearly a runner bean, has grown rapidly in just a few days clinging to the green fingers of the Aloe Vera and it is now flying up a stick reaching for the sky! Come on Jack tell me it was you who put it there… in that pot before you left, and that you have been waiting for news! I know it’s something you would do, and then not say a word! The leggy stalk is nearly three feet high with no place to go but up, and it really is getting too tall for indoors. I think it is trying to get out of the window but it’s a bit too cold to put outside especially as your Aloe Vera would have to go outside with it, and it can’t. I know it’s a bit early but I think the bean can’t wait to see you in the summer!
Gill McGrath © March 30 2015

(pictures of sky activity taken in the last 24 hours)

OKGO walk on the ceiling….

This is a commercial [1min.48sec]that OKGO did for the Chinese furniture store Red Star Macalline (23 Mar 2015). It’s a visual reference to their video “The Writing’s on the Wall” but set to a remix of “I Won’t Let You Down” by their own Dan Konopka. [The full version of the original video is below this one…and another one after that about how they made it!] ….

On tour now! Go to http://www.okgo.net/shows for details.

Here is the original video [October 2014]

and another on how they made it

it is raindrops on cherry blossom ~ early this morning

2015 03  26  wet cherry blossom jpg sig
~now it’s the evening again
the sun’s shining on again
where the pigeon will sit again
all on his own again
~  to look at the fall!
2015 03 26 1810 sun on field  jpg sig18.10pm

2015 03 26 1817 sunset  jpg sig b 18.17pm

2015 03 26 sunset 1822 jpg sig18.22pm

2015 03 26 1825 sunset 2 jpg sig18.25pm

2015 03 26  1828 bird looking towards sunset on his own jpg sig 18.28pm
Gill McGrath©

alone by a window…..

2015 03 12 orchid indoors jpg sig
as if in the dark
I glimpse you
a light shining through you
tracing the edges of your being
against the trees
eyes misted
limbs windswept
singing silent
at the edge of spring…
2015 03 23 alone by a window jpg sig
Gill McGrath © March 23