Wriggler: Found outside yesterday!

tiger moth
Thanks Mark who found out what it is
2014 10 24 catterpillar jpg sig
Found this mini-beast climbing trying to climb up the side of the bird bath yesterday so there was great excitement! It was ‘saved’ from drowning and put on the path (which looks mountainous here) for a photograph.It was very lively! I haven’t seen a caterpillar all summer and I know this one is out of season. But I don’t know what it is.I would love to know…..? Took six shots. This shot turned out to be the best and is worth pressing to see more (amazing) detail. About 4 cms
Gill McGrath©

sing an autumn lullaby

2014 10 22   as red leaves fall new shoots curl jpg sig
Hush a bye babies on the tree top
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
When the bough breaks
The old red leaves will fall
Leaving baby leaves curled in a tender sweet shawl
Gill McGrath ©2014 [press picture for detail]

autumn morning and a line by the gate

2014 10 20 sun at 8 jpg  sig
all cloud
no sign of the sun
by the gate…..
just a flicker
in brown
Gill McGrath© today 8 o’clock diary [description]
Violent storms expected tonight.
There was a rainbow by the gate a few days ago...on October 11.

2014 10 16  rainbow and a caravan jpg sig press for rainbow