Where have all the butterflies gone?


2014 07 21 Buddleia and a butterfly jpg sig
I’ve seen just ten butterflies ( not many) this year which includes this one on the Buddleia today and the five I just found in the loft room fluttering like autumn leaves in and around the sink up there.They were not there yesterday…. and they are not there now! Last seen heading towards the Buddleia!

You are a beautiful double act!


2014 06 23 Two wood pigeons trying to smile jpg sig
I’m having to get used to the idea that there might have been two of you calling here all this time, when I thought you were just one rather beautiful creature! Perhaps you’ll bring along junior next ? (although, me thinks, the bird bath as it is, will not easily accommodate three of you!).

honeysuckle for faerie music


2014 07 19 honey suckle  and hoverfly jpg sig

Garden.  Sweet perfume has been hanging in the air for days but I only realized what it was last night; flowers growing in the tall beech hedge (which is in desperate  need of a hair cut). It seems that a fanfare of honeysuckle has been reaching up through the hedge and has finally burst out at the top…..into gentle,peach pink trumpet blossoms with heraldic scrolls, lush tendrils. How could I have missed it? Today, after a  night of thunder and lightening and rain bursts, the perfume is louder and ever more intoxicating. The hair cut will have to wait……Diary  Gill McGrath. July 19