missed it. grabbed the camera.

2015 01 27 reflected at end of the road jpg sig
Gill McGrath©
I wasn’t looking for the sun. I wasn’t expecting to see it at all because of the thick grey cloud which had been clinging tightly to the spot where it usually arrives on time; the bit I keep my eye on. A strange brown light suddenly filled the room. Outside the air looked orange. Grabbing the camera I ran up stairs to find the sun. No sun; I had missed it, but its red trail was disappearing swiftly behind the fir tree across the way and leaving a strong orange glow in the air between here and there. Through the window on the opposite side I could see it throwing a wide ribbon of bright orange light all over the fields at the end of the road; lancing the roof tops, lighting up the windows, dancing through the tops of trees, sprinkling its dust on anything in its wake; orange, bright as fire glow; for two minutes. This is the best I could do before it suddenly ran out of breath, switched off…….
Gill January 27 4.35pm

morning : earth lines whispering violet

2015 01 27 sunrise post violet toned  jpg sig
~ the sky. the field. from the gate.

2015 01 27 beautiful violets jpg sig
~the kitchen.violets.on the window ledge.

2015 01 27 cows in the meadow jpg sig
~the sky. cows in the meadow.over there~

2015 01 27 violet detail jpg sig
~ hear. in the kitchen.violets whispering ~
Gill McGrath© today.January 27

found objects: twigs. wire.wood. painted blue wheel of a cart.

2015 01 26 caught on a wire jpg sig
Is this any old rubbish flung by someone round here?
Or was it all whipped along in the air
by the wind…
caught by chance on the wire?
Or has each thing been placed here with considerable care…
turned now into something quite precious…
…called art?
Gill McGrath© today. location: edge of wood. site specific.

Saturday the day for shopping…..

Ah yes the shopping! I thought I would walk over to the  field  along a thicket covered road which  cuts away towards the sun. I suddenly found this happening by the field gate. First shot!
2015 01 24 first shot of the sun jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.00am

and so it rose a little more…..
2015  01 24 beyond the  fields more fields jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

How far the horizon from here I do not know!
2015 01 24 sun over the fields full jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Couldn’t resist catching the old blackberry grabbing the light. The peach light under the sun and thorns is an old  paper bag looking like a piece of crushed satin right now!
(Press to see)
2015 01 24 sun on  bramble edge jpg sig
Gill McGrath©

Back home now,  in the garden  and over the fence, the sun had followed me…..2015 01 24 sun garden jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.26 am

Along the road a  tree was silently catching its own  bit of orange ~~~~.
Just then the van rolled up with the groceries. Shopping!  Oh yes, that stuff I had ordered on the internet last night; nearly forgot!~ Best way to shop!!!2015 01 24 catching the light jpg sig
Gill McGrath© 8.27 am