12 thoughts on “I’m here……it must be Spring!

  1. Ahhh, he so cool. Spring must surely be here. I saw five amazing rainbows today. We usually get a veritable plethora of rainbows in March and April, so I will be sure to ask them to send some your way.


    1. Thanks Mark. Near our house there is a space…..called sky,,,, above the power lines where the birds sit and chat and fly around all day. I’ll look for one of those rainbows…..way above them…..


  2. I apologise now before you read the next line…..
    Did you hear about the frog that double parked? He was toad away.
    Your photo reminded me of my grandson when he told this joke, he was only five and thought he was so clever.
    On a more sensible note, great shot and I love frogs.


    1. Ha ha ! Tell him that another frog who double parked that day was frog-marched to the police station!! Yes the photo is fine! but I wish the sitter had forced a smile,,,,,,,,may be he was worrying about how he had parked his car!


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