15 thoughts on “…☺bright eyes☺…

    1. Yes the rabbits are a delight to see and are fairly easy to see late or early in the day when no one is around! These ones didn’t expect to see me! The evenings are light ( or at least not completely dark until 10 pm and the light evenings will still be getting longer for a week or two more. Mornings get lighter from 4 am. So the nights are not long at the moment! There is plenty of light but not always the sun though!!! Best wishes X

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      1. Thanks, Gill! By the way, in which country do You live? Would like to know some Geography, where they have so many day light hours! Regards. 🙂


      2. Thanks, Gill! Never knew the UK had weather like that! …By the way, my impression of Your country is that it is one where it can rain any time! Right or Wrong?


      3. Oh we don’t have weather like that all the time . It does rain. Quite a bit. The weather does what it wants and it can be dull wet and cold. But when its nice I photograph it !!

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