A Goldfinch arriving in the rain

2015 07 28 goldfinch DSCN7219 jpg sig

2 2015 07 28 goldfinch 2 DSCN7247 jpg sig

4 2015 07 28 Goldfinch 4 DSCN7325 jpg sig

The feeder has been out there for a month stuffed with thistle seed to attract the finches but there has not been a sign of interest from any bird ~ until yesterday. A goldfinch, in the middle of cold rain ! and today in a tiny piece of sun  he brought a friend along….

Gill McGrath© July  28 Result.  Yay!

27 thoughts on “A Goldfinch arriving in the rain

    1. You know this is because of your advice about thistles, don’t you? Thank you so much. I had only ever seen one, on one occasion here – and this pair appear to be making regular visits and even taking a bath! Here’s to the dozens then….! 🙂


  1. Marvellous pictures and marvellous bird !
    In the nature I saw it once ; iN fRENCH THEY ARE CALLED ” CHARDONNERET” FROM chardon = thistle .
    I knew people who have one or two of them in a cage into their house
    Love ❤


    1. Thank you Michel. It is nice to know the french name. I will add that here . It seems hard to imagine these little birds caged because they move about and fly so quickly. Love from Gill ❤


  2. Your goldfinches look so different than the US goldfinches. Beautiful bird! Thistle seed is not cheap, so I’m glad this one found the prize. Your site’s new look is sleek and lovely, Gill. 🙂


    1. Hi Jet. It seems that blackbirds and robins are a bit different too! These little finches are really quite special. It took ages for them to find the feeder so pleased to see them! Glad you like the new look here. The old one went ‘funny’ and I had put this one together a bit quick ( I don’t know why)! 🙂 x

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      1. I know how exciting it is when a new bird you’ve been waiting for finally comes to the feeder. A triumph! Re WP, I had a weird event recently too, about the time they changed up The Reader. Hopefully it’s all fixed now. Great to hear from you Gill! 😀 😀


      2. yes it was definately WordPress acting funny….all fixed now. I am waiting on a new lap top tomorrow so I may be still doing some head scratching for a day or two regarding button pressing!xx

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  3. Don’t forget to change the thistle after a rain. The very high oil content and thin shell makes it prone to mold. Sunflower seeds hold up well, but not thistle…. I finally bought a dome lid to cover the feeders as it rains too much here… Michelle


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