one piano~one voice

composed and performed by John Lennon ‘Real Love’1970
~ a single piano demo ‘Real Love’take 1 ~
A piece forgotten until 1988.
(John Lennon b.1940-d.1980)
It was later recorded much altered by the Beatles 1995. (terrible result)

More recently recorded by Regina Spektor (2007) for Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.
Spektor is also a songwriter but says she rarely writes any of them down, they flow out of her. She usually sings in English, but often includes a few words or verses of Latin, Russian, French, and other languages in her songs. She also plays with pronunciations, which she has said is a remnant of her early years when she listened to pop in English without understanding the lyrics and sometimes weird songs about meatballs in refrigerators come into her head – She says she can’t help it.

[Take 4]

2014 12 10 hedge jpg sig

Tom Odell’s version of Real Love 2014 See Tom playing a Taylor Swift song on post March 8 2015 here: I knew you were trouble. This was used by John Lewis the retail company for their Christmas promotion December 2014.

version Tom Odell…… Trouble

Tom Odell and ‘Grow old with me’

9 thoughts on “one piano~one voice

  1. Not heard of this one before. I confess to liking her version much more than Lennon’s though I may be glad that he wrote it rather than her with the possibility of strange additions.
    xxx Huge Hugs xx


    1. Yes David…..Regina’s version sounds like its a much better version (she did so well with it, the piano is fantastic) than John’s very first raw version and her voice is so, so much better than when the Beatles who tried to do a remaster, a speed up and to join in with their voices, eliminating practically all of John’s voice, piano and rhythm in 1995. However, the take 4 version I put on the bottom here by Lennon is much better than his first raw version. He left it there more or less at that point……. and it seems since then others tried to do better……….but for me there is something raw that cannot be repeated and magical about his piano….. all kind of out of tune! Hugs 🙂 Gill


  2. I enjoyed this study, Gill. And I loved hearing the difference between the first and fourth takes of John Lennon, and, like you, I really enjoyed the piano accompaniment. Thank you!


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