13 thoughts on “The girl next door

    1. Thank you! All to do with deliberate reduction, addition, and a title…. thought through ( a gentle transformation I call it, Its what I do and I call it art) (and…. Its just a door!)


    1. Although I take photos I am not a photographer. I am an artist (painter) but have discovered I can make the camera see what I want it to see ( more often than not). You probably wouldn’t recognise the real thing if you walked past it! I kid you not! First I am very shy about taking photographs out there any way so I choose a subject which is about as isolated as I am anyway which may give me more uninterrupted time to consider framing the subject, other wise its a lot of nervous clicking, which gives its own slant in things. There is no peace! These are all public places so depending on how long it takes to photograph its called either a snap or a photo ‘Snap’ implies that there are a lot of people about and I may have made extra quick decisions about the frame around the subject. (This can be very successful) So hopefully everything will come out in focus!…Focus is my main concern!. When I get back from a jaunt I hope everything is how I saw it.And if the camera is in a good mood it may have caught something I didn’t see in detail originally. On editing if any is needed or if I just plain want to play I do something maybe with exposure and saturation and if the poetry kicks in at that point I simply turn the greys to blue (usually) (there are other colours but blue is my thing ) which will affect in varying degrees everything in the shot. The result can be random but I like to think I am in control and I do make decisions to throw or keep….. Then I recall what struck me about the reality of the situation when I photographed the subject…… and what I have managed to reveal…. and how it makes me feel, now,( after all that stuff I did above) and then the title must MUST fit (that can take a while). The title itself may bring on the need to say a little more…. but usually less is more. The viewer will fill any gaps, in any case. So no I don’ t use filters …. And sometimes I don’t do anything to the photo at all! Hope that explains what you asked!!!! And this particular shot has a 400 word story (probably prose) not put on here…. 🙂


    1. I have just come from looking round your site and discovered these wonderful comments you wrote here …….. thank you so much. AND I love all your art and the way you speak; I love your spirit… all free and knowing where your going in a daring serious kind of way…..You are very refreshing….:) best wishes.


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