Writing art: Orange. Louis Bourgeois

Stick with this one. You may have seen it already on my pages. She has been there for a time!!!

the poet who never  wrote a word
about  a life which all the others
wished they had
she was a lady
who lived
all the works
which most the others
really  wished they could
~orange is not just a colour~ Gill McGrath  from my ‘Ode to the Artist’

Here is  a little more about Louis Bourgeois at the Tate:

http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/louise-bourgeois-2351     next: Caravagio  

9 thoughts on “Writing art: Orange. Louis Bourgeois

  1. I so enjoyed this Gill. Watching her draw, listening to her rich voice sharing an experience, and then the result and her memories and feelings. Profound, actually. Thank you! 😀


    1. The clip is some sort of masterpiece I reckon. I have had that sitting in my blog for so long I just had to let her out! Delighted you loved it! I also loved the way they (camera crew) laughed out loud so warmly 🙂


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