13 thoughts on “A mass of lilac

  1. I’ve never see color like this in lilacs before. Whoa BABY!! These knock me right off my chair! Great image, Gill! I can’t wait for mine to open! OH OH OH! That scent is truly one of my favorites! Love, Amy


    1. The tree is in a garden round the corner from me and is swamped with blossoms. I have never seen it that full before and the perfume is very heavy and delicious!


      1. Oh, Lucky you! Jealous me! My mother used to cut them & put them in a big water pitcher on the table when i was little. They are too hot for Alabama 😦 ~amy


  2. I love lilacs … they’re just starting to bloom here. We do not have one, but there are several bushes in the neighborhood — at night, laying in bed, the breeze usually carries the scent in. It’s a nice way to fall asleep.


    1. Hi John, I love lilac too. Hard perfume to describe , you just have to breathe it ! Its also brings back lots of different pleasant memories too! Sounds fantastic to drift off to sleep with the breeze carrying the scent! 🙂


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