diamonds are for ever

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Dear and lovely Em
You know I am not one for jewellery. So you’ll guess that I never actually bought any….. And no one ever gave me any [jewellery] but I am not complaining….I would have thrown it all back anyway…. I kind of settled for the magic stuff that pops out of crackers…. but I always knew about the diamonds.
Lately, I have found glitter…. all over the place….through luck more than judgement….so why did I find a cache of diamonds in such a crumby place today… so close, so quick…. where no one goes but the faeries and grotesque spiders… may be the robin hides……. The kettle was boiling. It wasn’t raining. The sun was ….well…. acting like the sun… but it was dripping diamonds everywhere….!
So I thought of you Em and….
Oh yes… you…. pretty sun, in wintery mode, dazzling…. Who probably shone pink for a bit, earlier … just a flick away from here…. same as yesterday. I have been looking at you close (almost blinded myself) with something called a camera…..for a while now….
And you darling Em, this camera thing ….it’s also called ‘latest bargain’….. it has eyes ….. and it knows more about taking photos than I do…..
Today I got up late… with the chance of catching the usual pink all gone… I settled for drifting about in the mist with the magic box, by the washing line…. and look what I found when I wandered away from those lines just now…..a space …. and thousands of glittering diamonds.
Dear Em did you ever, ever see diamonds? I know you can’t really answer me, but I do know what you might say (for once). ‘Yes, yes, yes …. I saw them everywhere!’
Diamonds, diamonds everywhere!(and sometimes a string of pearls)
Much love as always.
Rosie xxxxx
Gill McGrath© Diary Sunday 30th November 9.00am
[Dear Emma© / famhis©/description/ AW/ over and over/flowers©]

Today. Half term. Peony droop? Its not all over yet!

2014 05 28 the lady had a baby jpg sig

At first the peonies seem
More beautiful
Dressed in rain and dew
So when spring raindrops fall
The water adds something to their hue.

But when the ladies start to creak
With too much weather
On their flowery bed,
Each sister starts her bend.
And drops her lovely petals
On another’s lovely head.

And as the rain still lashes down
In fury,
No one wants to see.
From the gardener’s house…..
What cannot be!
In the flowery bed!

Hey!…..they’ll be OK!
There’s life support.
An iron pole helps.
And wires……
They’re firmly bolted into place
To hold each lady’s head up high
To keep her pretty; at her best!
Even the old spider will string his line
To hold the lady gentle there

But it really makes no difference.
(What a blooming horror!)

Now in today’s morning light
The secret’s out!
With petals strewn fresh all around
The ladies had their babies, over night!
Still with fresh petals
On the floor
Cheeky babies,
Found on green stems
Quite happily at play!
New mothers, aunties smile anew and with
The Children from the gardeners house
(On this grey unlovely day)
They all start counting new baby toes!
So…… don’t throw your leaves away!
Gill McGrath©
(its called Rain Dancing)

Keep Squeezing picture for baby toes on the seed head

(and a genuine swinging  fine spider line!)

2014 05 28 the lady had a baby jpg sig2014 05 28 peony petals  potpourri jpg sigAnd I seem to be collecting the petals for a potpourri!

peonies       more peonies      and even more peonies


4.14 am Eureka!

2014 05 24 Eureka  My horizon jpg sig
Watching the sun playing games on the horizon! I am  looking down the hill which dips towards a church and  rolls up again towards the rising sun; now framed in lamplight and the ‘bird’ washing lines (or power lines if you like!). Here I am the’ Only Big Kid on the block’ ……. UP again!….looking out of  an upstairs window at the only time of year  the sun arrives just  here. No need to run out to the field round the corner to see…. a  more spectacular view! Here there are no moving cars with honking horns. Just me and a window, while the world sleeps, it seems. And I’m on cushions, coffee in hand!

Diary Gill today