Today. Half term. Peony droop? Its not all over yet!

2014 05 28 the lady had a baby jpg sig

At first the peonies seem
More beautiful
Dressed in rain and dew
So when spring raindrops fall
The water adds something to their hue.

But when the ladies start to creak
With too much weather
On their flowery bed,
Each sister starts her bend.
And drops her lovely petals
On another’s lovely head.

And as the rain still lashes down
In fury,
No one wants to see.
From the gardener’s house…..
What cannot be!
In the flowery bed!

Hey!…..they’ll be OK!
There’s life support.
An iron pole helps.
And wires……
They’re firmly bolted into place
To hold each lady’s head up high
To keep her pretty; at her best!
Even the old spider will string his line
To hold the lady gentle there

But it really makes no difference.
(What a blooming horror!)

Now in today’s morning light
The secret’s out!
With petals strewn fresh all around
The ladies had their babies, over night!
Still with fresh petals
On the floor
Cheeky babies,
Found on green stems
Quite happily at play!
New mothers, aunties smile anew and with
The Children from the gardeners house
(On this grey unlovely day)
They all start counting new baby toes!
So…… don’t throw your leaves away!
Gill McGrath©
(its called Rain Dancing)

Keep Squeezing picture for baby toes on the seed head

(and a genuine swinging  fine spider line!)

2014 05 28 the lady had a baby jpg sig2014 05 28 peony petals  potpourri jpg sigAnd I seem to be collecting the petals for a potpourri!

peonies       more peonies      and even more peonies


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