12 thoughts on “Bunny Blur

    1. No he was there! But he sat there pretending I wasn’t there !. After about 5 tries , I got a clear one of him (eyes/ ears) but the grass in front of him looked so blurred it took too much of the rest of the rabbit away. any way!.The field is full of rabbits, I may do better eventually !


      1. I knew that. Don’t worry. I kind of went into an explaining mode, because I had already given myself a challenge to get more rabbits in that field!. They are so funny when they see you they stand , sit or what ever so still. And to get them before they bolt off is th challenge. I would like to get a group of them, but I will have to get quicker even though they appear to wait.! 🙂


      2. I have known some really nice friendly rabbits on and off, but a neighbours rabbit, a few years back once broke into our garden under the fence and started running to me,up the garden path. I thought he was running in delight towards me so I stood there delighted too!. He then lunged a toothy attack on my ankles ( which were luckily covered in trousers at the time) As I ran off he was still snapping at my heels! The neighbour said later he was a very bad tempered rabbit!!!!!! I would have run away on first sight if I had known!!!


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