tonight: a smokin’ sun ~~~

while the moon hung
in pink sky
to the side
of the hill
the sun
started to fool
looked like
‘Fag Ash Lil’
2015 03 31 sun  in a cloud jpg sig
7.18 pm sun setting

2015 03 31 7.29pm pink by the sun jpg sig
7.29pm pink sky moon side ~ opposite sun

2015 03 31 7.30pm moon jpg sig
7.30pm moon ~ over blossom

2015 03 31 pink blossom jpg sig sig
blossom ~ moon side
Gill McGrath© March 31.

All photos taken in a blistering wind

observing local bird activity……

today….early morning
in the absence of sun…..
What can a bird do?
2015 02 07 bird line 1 jpg sig
Three little birds
Looking at the view
One flew towards a roof
And then there were two!
2015 02 07 bird line 2 jpg sig
Two little birds
Looking for the sun
One flew towards the sky
Then there was one!
2015 02 07 bird line 3 jpg sig
One little bird
Still looking for the sun
Saw the misty line of trees
And suddenly was gone!
2015 02 07 bird line 4 jpg sig
Gill McGrath© February 7 2015. cold