14 thoughts on “June. morning. soft light.

  1. It’s hard to believe it is June already, you have captured the beauty of Summer in these lovely photos, thank you Gill! ❤


    1. Hi Holly. It’s hard to believe its June here because after a rather nice sunrise today, the place (most of UK) is now in the middle of a howling storm. It is not expected to let up for a couple of days after which some minor heatwave is expected! So the first ‘official’ day of summer; just for a while today it was here! How fleeting the moment! Thanks for your lovely comments here – much appreciated ❤

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      1. I saw the sun round 5 am yesterday; perhaps that was it!!! It was whistling winds and rain all day and night after that…. and no better now!


    1. So glad you enjoyed Julie. The day started so well with that colour but it’s continual winds and lashing rain now….. and cold ! That’s the sunrises ( and sets) put to bed for a day or two! ❤


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