in garden. clipped. wrapped. silent

2015 04 09 1940 sunset jpg sig

The castle on the hill
Stands like a fortress now
High sloping roof
For the snow
The howling winds
The silence~

Surrounded by hard paths
All swept
Clean of summer
Now nothing moves
Step altered

Grass paths
Worn anew leaf specked
Lead silent
Towards the empty space
Where a new sown meadow waits uncut
Full of clover clumps
Buttercup and daisy roots
Where seed of poppy on new earth
Traces the shape
Of the old shed

Now gone

Green box
Clipped like soldiers
Stand motionless in wind
Sentries snipped
In control~

While rain lashes
The silly sprawling fig
Still shooting buds
In the hope of finding Spring again

The beech hedge
By the door
Reduced recently
By a noisy chain
Stands silent too~
Leaves tight in hold
Still there
The view


See the starry hedge
By the creaking fence
Still breathing
Wind whipped
Holding onto
Summer’s song
While leaves astir
In gentle hold
Hide a secret~
In her leafy hollow
Underneath her gentle boughs~
Where they can see
The mists the moon
Play hide and seek ~
Her secret womb
The nesting place
Abandoned now
By flying things
And summer’s stars ~

It’s where you’ll hear her
When she weeps
In autumn rain
~Still spangling from last summer’s sun
Still waiting

Gill McGrath© ~ November 9~ written October 5


seasonal magic has turned ~ iris petals…..

5 2015 05 30 1016 flag DSCN7140 jpg sig

…..into a purse filled with gold!

2015 10 14 autumn fruit DSCN7509.jpg sig

…..found under the hedge today!

Gill McGrath© October 14 garden.  diary. Press  pics to see  detail …..both photos are in high resolution

“Happy Place.”

[Behind the orange berries( of pale purple iris) are the  duller beige seed heads of the bright yellow pond edge iris. The red leaves are from the Virginia Creeper]

Challenge: day 3

‘Let’s count the petals…..’
2015 06 25 picking DSCN2934 jpg sig
Two voices
Under a tree

A daisy
Held high
In a tease
Like mistletoe

Then silence
No laughter
Light fading
And a little voice
Do you love me?

Gill McGrath June 26 [19 petals]

…..That was my attempt for today 3/5
Thank you for the invite Hollyheartafire

The challenge is –
“Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge……”.

……. I challenge poet and author Richard Ankers @

pass by sweet rosemary…

pass by sweet rosemary
the running cabbages
the beans with strings
keep to the path
you’ll find a field
a secret garden filled
with dancing poppies
but take care….

2015 06 18 DSCN1873 jpg sig

2015 06 18 1 DSCN1825 jpg sig

2015 06 18 2 DSCN1831 jpg sig

2015 06 18 3 DSCN1835 jpg sig

2015 06 18 4 DSCN1843 jpg sig

2015 06 18 5 DSCN1844 jpg sig

2015 06 18 6 DSCN1850 jpg sig

2015 06 18 7 baby bird  today  jpg sig

2015 06 18 8 baby  9 birds DSCN1753 jpg sig

2015 06 18 baby bird DSCN1730 jpg sig
….not far from the path
there are some sleepy fluffy flying things

Gill McGrath© June 18 afternoon. a family of sparrows flew the nest today