it says paint me. pick purple….

color me in….
with sweet lavender, wild blackberry
soon ready just here by the gate
and on field edge
the thistle flower ~ a gentle cobweb pink…
but be careful if you are a flying thing!

(press last pic to find at least one thing with wings acting careless…)

1 2015 07 15 color me DSCN5679 jpg sig

2 2015 07 15  color me DSCN5655 jpg sig

3 2015 07 15 color me DSCN5680 jpg sig

4 2015 07 15 color me DSCN5750 jpg sig

5 2015 07 15 color me DSCN5751 jpg sig
Gill McGrath© July 15 nice afternoon!

19 thoughts on “it says paint me. pick purple….

    1. There is such a lot of lavender in all the gardens round here and looking pretty good at the moment…. also holly hocks are taller than I have ever seen them this year!


      1. Yes, I’d noticed the hollyhocks as well; been away more than normal so didn’t plant anything this year & garden’s very parched.


  1. between a prickle and a silken trap – thus do the winged ones navigate (zoomed to view the ecosystem in the creeping thistle ) Love your turn of mind in this sequence of shots


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