seasonal magic has turned ~ iris petals…..

5 2015 05 30 1016 flag DSCN7140 jpg sig

…..into a purse filled with gold!

2015 10 14 autumn fruit DSCN7509.jpg sig

…..found under the hedge today!

Gill McGrath© October 14 garden.  diary. Press  pics to see  detail …..both photos are in high resolution

“Happy Place.”

[Behind the orange berries( of pale purple iris) are the  duller beige seed heads of the bright yellow pond edge iris. The red leaves are from the Virginia Creeper]

Challenge Over ~ I will always love you

Motherhood by Molly Benatar [fl 1919-1929]

2015 06 28 Molly Benatar mother and baby DSCN3718 jpg

This picture hangs on my wall. It has done so ever since it found its way into our home a few years back when I was searching for old frames in nearby junk shops…. any old frame I could easily walk home with and then strip bare and reuse on the cheap to frame some of my own paintings, however, I liked this one. I wanted it on the wall and so it started its hanging…. in the living room.

In quick time, it found itself waltzing upstairs with me and unceremoniously being nailed in the small white vacant space next by the shower in the attic room where I knew it wouldn’t receive the same criticism and cause the same angst as it did downstairs ~ about its unreal and sickly sentimentality (apparently). And there it is ~ the picture is still in place … and I do not feel apologetic about it.

Pretty perfect space actually.

Having defended the poor darling lady with her sort of scrumptious adorable well behaved baby over her shoulder, it is kind of strange that it is only today I have looked up and found out a bit about who this Molly Benatar artist lady is; not when she was born or when she died [she hasn’t made Wiki yet for some reason] but she was an artist illustrator in the UK, most of her work being created between 1919 and 1929. She illustrated some of Enid Blyton’s stories. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘There’s Magic In It’ sold at Sotheby’s New York ~ the ‘Original Illustration Art from the Collection of Kendra and Allan Daniel’ in 2011. Currently there is a painting by Molly on ebay open to offers at £3,000!

That’s my girl!

Gill McGrath© June 28. one day only. solo show. upstairs

Have you got something you think is lovely (like a painting) but nobody else does? Let me know! Meanwhile here’s a song from Dolly which goes with the situation….

This was Challenge Day 5 (Finale) Head scratching stuff . Thank you to Holly. It was fun
Challenge was to “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

What the rabbit saw. Its like a grand mirror….

2014 11 25 reflected light looks like the sun jpg sig
The sun is not there (it looks like sun!)(its not)
The sun hides behind the thick grey swathe of frozen cloud behind me
It can’t be seen…. it sulks perhaps
Still clawing upward trying to wake
Calling out loud
No one notices
So there it stays….
This thing I see is a sweep of reflected light
(from that hidden sun…slipping through as magic does)
On the other side of the field
I think it’s a miracle……
And that rabbit watched with me!
Gill McGrath (at 7. 20 am) Diary 25 November