seasonal magic has turned ~ iris petals…..

5 2015 05 30 1016 flag DSCN7140 jpg sig

…..into a purse filled with gold!

2015 10 14 autumn fruit DSCN7509.jpg sig

…..found under the hedge today!

Gill McGrath© October 14 garden.  diary. Press  pics to see  detail …..both photos are in high resolution

“Happy Place.”

[Behind the orange berries( of pale purple iris) are the  duller beige seed heads of the bright yellow pond edge iris. The red leaves are from the Virginia Creeper]

10 thoughts on “seasonal magic has turned ~ iris petals…..

    1. Thanks Jet ! I am hoping to grow the seed on. It would be great to grow a whole bed of the flowers without dividing the clump but I am not sure how long it takes for them to actually flower when grown from seed. The flowers look like orchids to me although they are ‘ iris’ and the seed is a lovely surprise!. xxx

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