the gaze

over there
a breeze
a gentle drum
a line of trees
are calling where we danced entwined forever
counting stars between the leaves
where dew on strings
breathes now the music
pale pearls of mist beneath our feet
forever softly whispering
sweet empties to the beat

Gill McGrath© today
2016-04-30 from window  DSCN4408.jpg sig
admiring the view by window with my muse early morning april end


seasonal magic has turned ~ iris petals…..

5 2015 05 30 1016 flag DSCN7140 jpg sig

…..into a purse filled with gold!

2015 10 14 autumn fruit DSCN7509.jpg sig

…..found under the hedge today!

Gill McGrath© October 14 garden.  diary. Press  pics to see  detail …..both photos are in high resolution

“Happy Place.”

[Behind the orange berries( of pale purple iris) are the  duller beige seed heads of the bright yellow pond edge iris. The red leaves are from the Virginia Creeper]