look around for the gold!

****** Press closer**** and closer ***** the pictures****

5 2016 01 15 DSCN4033.jpg sig

find the bird as he sings
finding the gold
as he sits on the strings
Gill McGrath© today
[The bird sat there head bowed for ten minutes!]

1 2016 01 15 DSCN3944.jpg sig

2 2016 01 15 DSCN3946.jpg sig

4 2016 01 15 DSCN3969.jpg sig6 2016 01 15 DSCN3938.jpg sig
Gold dew in the yellow~
Have a lovely weekend!



G for gold

14 thoughts on “look around for the gold!

  1. I love these gold series in some of your posts…. the first photo is amazing… the ‘birds and gold’ seem to pop up in a few of your posts and I like the way you have this simple and effective little poem interpersed with the photos which tell the story! i’m a fan!


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