pass by sweet rosemary…

pass by sweet rosemary
the running cabbages
the beans with strings
keep to the path
you’ll find a field
a secret garden filled
with dancing poppies
but take care….

2015 06 18 DSCN1873 jpg sig

2015 06 18 1 DSCN1825 jpg sig

2015 06 18 2 DSCN1831 jpg sig

2015 06 18 3 DSCN1835 jpg sig

2015 06 18 4 DSCN1843 jpg sig

2015 06 18 5 DSCN1844 jpg sig

2015 06 18 6 DSCN1850 jpg sig

2015 06 18 7 baby bird  today  jpg sig

2015 06 18 8 baby  9 birds DSCN1753 jpg sig

2015 06 18 baby bird DSCN1730 jpg sig
….not far from the path
there are some sleepy fluffy flying things

Gill McGrath© June 18 afternoon. a family of sparrows flew the nest today

18 thoughts on “pass by sweet rosemary…

    1. We are in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, UK, all hills and vales and ridges and quaint houses. The whole of the Cotswolds area is also comprised of Cheltenham, Gloucester, and the edges of Wiltshire. We have surprisingly good connections to London (public transport and direct road links) so many of the houses (not all) are wealthy weekend retreats, by the water and all are chocolate boxy one way or another!
      Just where we are, at the top of an ordinary hill in an ordinary house we can see a particular type of rolling mist rising up from the river between ‘here’ and the horizon although we can’t actually see the river from just here ( which is important!)
      In the sun the landscape can look flat or undefined or even joined up, and can make you think you can walk easily towards the horizon but there is a big dip between, with a sometimes fast river running through….and only one real bridge, maybe a few rickety ones to take you across. From here at any time of year dip becomes defined by a thick white mist rising over the water which rolls up and over the edge of our hill…… and it can make you think you are in or above a cloud depending on how thick or wide the mist. Patches of trees, and faraway hill lines peek and disappear again and the air around becomes (I tell myself) something like being in the middle of a rainbow glistening light shades of pink, purple yellow or orange (and colours with no name yet)… all very difficult to photograph or describe …. And can be missed… I am a little obsessed to catch it. People living right by the river at the bottom of the hill have to deal more importantly with potential flood and rising water from time to time… and don’t see it, unless they are up here! (Noah would approve our location).
      The birds get extra excited about the light up here too! And there have been lots of successful families of fledglings this year so they probably think its heaven too! ❤

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      1. Oh Gill thank you for your reply. You live in a very beautiful part of the world, Noah would approve indeed. I so enjoy your photography and words .. Aren’t we lucky that we can share special places with so many! Have a great day Gill! 😃


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