Hadn’t seen the robin for a while……

2014 11 19 robin in the fig jpg sig
Then this morning he is out there in the garden early
Looking for the sun!
I had been looking at the starlings
Sitting in their tree
Looking for the sun
The same as me
Then I heard a lovely figgy song ~
~ It’s little robin sitting in his tree
Been there all along…….
watching me
Now it’s half past ten
So where’s the sun?
Gill McGrath©
(this little flash of red will do! Diary 7am…)
2014 11 19 starlings looking for the sun jpg sig

honeycomb sky. all over. this morning

2014 08 31  Morning 7.30am jpg sig
7 30 am. Looking up at the sky from the bedroom window; honeycomb stretched all over the sky. Felt like being wrapped up inside from here to there.[There must be a name for this sort of cloud]. The day turned out hot and it felt like summer again. Nice, after it being so cold for days on end. End of summer. September tomorrow.
Diary. Gill McGrath©. Last day of August