Script: full blooded plagiarism: the lady is stressed. Act 2

2014 04 25 all the world's a stage jpg sigFor act 1 press  (not essential, this is soap)

Today’s Script:

Woman: (scrubbing at kitchen sink)
Visitors are on their way
The place is in a mess
Can’t find any words to say except
Stress, stress, stress!

Will: (calmly enters from left………)
To bed, to bed! There’s knocking at the gate:
Come, come, come,
Come give me your hand.
What’s done cannot be undone……
To bed, to bed, to bed!

GillMcG diary (not) 25th April (first 4 lines)
(Last 5 lines ripped  from the play that can’t be named. author Shakespeare)
napowrimo day 25.

Act 1 no one noticed her agony  (day 7 #napowrimo)