Moon walk

2014 06 05  Moon  9.30pm jpg sig 2
Dear lovely Em,
Long time no see. Bit of a lonely road to the field where the rabbits are, where the sunset goes down.But after what seems like weeks of no moon in the sky, he arrived last evening!…. Its either been too cloudy or too something at the time the moon might have been there to make a brief appearance….. Either way he was missed even if he could be seen! But last night (as a result of the moon being clear and bright up there above where the kite is caught up in the tree by the road I thought I would take a walk, over to where the sky was getting pinker. And…. As I walked, the moon kept up with me, side on, all the way there. And he stopped when I stopped! And the biggest miracle of all he turned round and walked with me all the way back home, an hour and a half later. One of the times When he stood still I took this photo (raw, so the sky is black though it wasn’t)so here is the close up for you. The best I could do! I reckon he looked better through the trees a bit farther away actually ( on auto) and the sky deep blue. Less rabbits in the field too and the ones that were there ran away! So you got my moon walk! Love Rosie (love to all)

Moon 9.30 pm June 5 GillMcG©

some balloons count cars and become signposts

2014 05 15  balloons up fall caught up jpg sig.jpg sigPress twice see the punctures.
A beautiful morning again. No clouds, clear sun. Just the big morning flighty kisses up there from the planes. Yesterday (Wednesday) went to a street market to take photos of balloons.. I guess some of the balloons that were there are gone today.But not the two I saw as I got off the bus. Flying no more.  As for this bunch (of five) sitting in a high tree; they have  landed in a really high place, and will stay there  till the last, unnoticed, counting cars, because everyone seems to look down at this point.Yeah! that’s 30 early planes at least I must have seen heading to Heathrow this morning(Thursday) making little crosses, way way up there. Can’t ever hear’em but  they  seem to be following my road, looking for the  place to land….. which they will…due east!

Diary Entry. Gill 7.30 am 05. 15. 2014
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