sun chasing. still. no place like home

2014 11 29 so here is the Christmas card jpg sig
Gill McGrath© Christmas Card I reckon.

Autumn. Morning. 8.00 am. I think. By an upstairs window.

The sun’s pink is turning one particular cloud up there. I have to go and chase it like something possessed. Believe me.

Time has no meaning now. I am moving towards the pink dewy cloud; but the delicious candy mist has been caught behind a wedge of weeping woodland trees ….. So now I scurry on uneven ground to see the fledgling sun.

Run, run, don’t go, don’t leave me now, I moan. Please stay….. I sort of sing… and count to ten. And, so along the road, I kind of dance and suddenly at 8.07…….the Sun.

And with the breeze that always comes, flashing cottontails flicker pink and brown, rabbits, by my feet in new cabbage shoots a new stinging edge.

Are they the canny rabbits from three fields away; the ancient,cosy,shooting place, that burned the other day? Well yes I think.

They did n’t stop to smile or say. Instead; they ran away….. from me….shouting ….’here we go again’…. and waved! Believe me.

Back home the robin was waiting for me singing in the figs.No place like home!
Gill McGrath© Diary 29th November 2014

Hadn’t seen the robin for a while……

2014 11 19 robin in the fig jpg sig
Then this morning he is out there in the garden early
Looking for the sun!
I had been looking at the starlings
Sitting in their tree
Looking for the sun
The same as me
Then I heard a lovely figgy song ~
~ It’s little robin sitting in his tree
Been there all along…….
watching me
Now it’s half past ten
So where’s the sun?
Gill McGrath©
(this little flash of red will do! Diary 7am…)
2014 11 19 starlings looking for the sun jpg sig