day ends

So where does the day end~
In the evening with the flying things
or in morning brown shadow?
Gill McGrath©

2015 05 18 740 evening rush DSCN5370 jpg sig

2015 05 18 evening rush DSCN5368 jpg sig

2015 05 18 evening rush DSCN5367 jpg sig

2015 05 19 enveloped in the morning shadows DSCN5473 jpg sig

Gill McGrath© [May 18 evening ~ May 19 morning] (times approx [8.44pm] [5.43am]-sunrise was 5.20am)

enveloped in the air between
[daily post challenge]

Enveloped: A Bike

2015 05 18 enveloped between DSCN5073 jpg sig

The entire street scene is really a reflection on a very dark shop window; it’s frame defined by the long brown column. The bike is enveloped between this column and a woman dressed pink.(and she in turn is enveloped by the black lamp post and the bike!)
[description] [press the picture for detail]


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”