simple lines

1 2015 08 25 bird against the morning 630DSCN9652.jpg sig
Saw an early bird against a tiny patch of sky
~Picked red tomatoes ready washed in rain
Stacked garden chairs all wet and  sun lit baked
Picked cut some figs and ate~
Then the cloudless sky at sunset late
Moon purple climbing high…….

2 2015 08 27 tomatoes gone red 908 DSCN6507

3 2015 08 27 green things turn red DSCN9808.JPG 1730 sig

4 2015 08 27 cut fig DSCN9740.jpg sig

5 2015 08 27 simple set 2040 DSCN9860

6 2015 08 27 simple DSCN9873.jpg 2040 sig
Gill McGrath© August 27  [6 am to 8 pm]

September 14th Saturday


Dear Emma,

Today I have been eating figs. At £2 for four at Tesco (at least £2), I guess I am a bit spoiled at the moment.  I don’t know if you remember the fig tree we planted in the garden about 8 years  ago. You should see it now. It always produced a few figs but this year I have been picking about 40 figs (ripe brown and sweet) everyday for the last fortnight, and there is still a ton left on the tree. They seem to have ripened late enough to miss the wasps. Can’t believe what a wonderful crop it is. I am not even fed up of eating them. I have probably eaten 15 everyday. Daren’t add up how much that would have cost at the shop. What ever would your Mum think?

Love Rosie