Poetry Challenge…Non-love…

What is there left?
In me
Of you
Forever there.
The part that’s you
Still there with me.
Was it
Your eyes
Of blue.
How I tired of them.
Your smile
Your dreams
Your voice
Your hopes
So loud
I cannot remember
A single word.
Your hands.
Your hands.
The way they were.
Forever Gentle.
Stay forever
I remember….
‘People should fall in love with their eyes closed’
~ Gill McGrath© April 12 [Quote made by Andy Warhol]

~A Non Love Poem Challenge~
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Thank you Holly for the challenge to write a ‘Non Love Poem’ Not sure if this fills the bill.
Please visit Holly’s blog by following the link…
the challenge:“Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge” – La Audacia de Aquiles