walking above hill mist towards the sun…..

8.29 am I am passing by the mists rolling around to the side and heading further along the road which is  clear…..
2015 01 04 mist left jpg sig
press pic for detail

8.30 am I am turning the bend passed wooded bits to the right…….
2015  01 04  sun appearing through mist 8.29 am jpg sig
and getting closer it seems …
2015 01 04  sun up  road side  8.31am  jpg sig
……closer towards the sun which is climbing out of a mist. Soft light…..
2015 01 04 sun up in a mist  8.35 am  jpg sig
By 8.32 am The sun starts to disappear. Here it is still a small sliver. Just about visible….. in its own mist!…..
2015 01 04 sun gone going 8.36am jpg sig
then by my feet ~
a small voice starts to sing
in hill mists still thickening
the bejeweled stinger
now firmly unstrung
from it’s cobweb
unable to sting
sings silent
music here
all over
2015 01 04 stinger frost jpg sig
Home again
with coffee
and Andrew Marr (‘am’ politics show on the tele)
Gill McGrath ® today. January 4. multiple mist scenes will follow  press link

2014 01 04 sun up road  8 30 am jpg sig




8 am. today : Hiya Moon!

2104 10 10 bloodied moon no more jpg sig
Bloodied moon
Who played away
Across the sea
The other day
~ Caught you!
Sitting here!
Watching me play
In the late morning mist again~
There you were
Between the green
Looking bright
And quite serene~
Laughing so sweetly(..And you’d been around all night!)
Gill McGrath ©

A belated ode to the ‘bloody’ moon eclipse Oct 8 I could only see on a screen
2014 10 12 moon on computer with me snapping jpg sig

A beautiful edge but no meeting place……(be warned)

2014 06 12 Warning no meeting place jpg  sig
To meet beyond
The forest lined horizon
Towards the slivered pink
Where waves seem to crash and roll on a far off shore
You first must clamber into a rolling silent veil of mist
Which asks in teasing whispers and honeyed tones ‘Which way now?’
And you’ll know not which way to stumble
With no light to guide you
Or how to find
The bridge to cross that is n’t there
Over a deep and swirling river
Where men who swim have drowned before…………

Gill McGrath
(press pink sky for waves in the distance! high resolution)