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Last time we heard that Duke’s girlfriend, Miss Fluffy Bum, had left the Farm rather hastily in order to work for a local Fox family. Duke was very upset about her leaving so suddenly but  soon Mary another fine feathered lady became his friend and everything was OK.….or was it?
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Yo Aunty Gill, it’s me again, Duke-Cocka-Locky, your rooster nephew from Türkiye.

I kept thinking about Miss Fluffy Bum all the time, wondering if she likes her new job with Mrs Fox. I know she was not gonna write, coz Mrs Fox doesn’t always have email, but even still, as much as young Mary is a fairly cuddly bird (see our photo together – nice, eh?), in my book you still can’t beat a real mass of soft derriere-sited lady feathers {sigh}.

So anyway, spring is here and the weather has started to warm up my tail feathers quite nicely. There are baby goats and baby cows all around here as well; you can hear them all chatting all day long! Sometimes the noise gets just a little too much for me; all that gassing about the price of butter. All we get is “Moo this” and “Moo that” – but I’ve been clever Aunty Gill, I found a solution…
I hide away under the metal that covers the pile of concreting stones!

But quiet or no quiet, I still missed Miss Fluffy Bum too much, and so a few days ago, when Mrs Fox came back to visit us, just after midday again, I accepted her kind suggestion to also go and work for her. I only thought about it for a second or two, but Mrs Fox was quite insistent. So yes Aunty Gill, I have moved on. I left the other guys, who by the way, all ran the opposite way to me when Mrs Fox arrived, and said a hasty ‘goodbye’ to Spike Farm, and that was that. But here is the last photo Farmer Spike took of me, and I wanted to send it to you.

I had thought of going off before, as you know, when Miss Fluffy Bum left us to work for Mrs Fox. Pablo, the ‘big cheese’ top rooster, did say he would start to write to you if I ever decided to go – he likes talking. So as from next month Aunty Gill, Pablo The Boss will get in touch, as I probably won’t have access to email. Chooks must really love it at Mrs Fox’s house; they never seem to come back, so I reckon I’ll be alright!!
Love, your very growed-up, off to somewhere new Rooster Nephew, Duke xx

Dear Duke
I hope its not too late to wish you luck in your new job and glad that you are now with Miss Fluffy Bum and happy again.  Always knew you would fly off some where with those fine feathers of yours. Best of luck Duke. Sad as it is that I won’t hear from you again,  I am so looking forward to hearing from Pablo, now that you are finding your way in the wider world.
Love Auntie Gill X

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The Duke is talking again: Its all change! It’s Spring!

THE STORY SO FAR: Always second to Pablo the King, Duke the Rooster is learning to live with the fact that he is not the boss at Uncle Spike’s farm.  Its not all bad though……. read on:

Today we have  a picture of Miss Fluffy Bum  at last!

Straight from the pen of the talking bird who lives on Uncle Spikes Farm in Türkiye reachable at Uncle Spikes Adventures you can find Dukes earlier diary episodes by pressing the Rooster logo here…..

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Episode  5 “All change here Aunty Gill”      

Yo Aunty Gill, it’s me again, Duke-Cocka-Locky, your rooster nephew from Türkiye.
Spring has sprunged here Aunty Gill, and that cold weather has moved away – yay!! Sure, it was fun to try and keep warm chasing after Miss Fluffy Bum, but I really don’t like the soggy stuff; it didn’t do much for my delicate but manly feathers either! See what I mean??

Duke 11

I wanted to tell you about things here with Miss Fluffy Bum. Well, try as I might to get a nice foto for ya, she wasn’t that pleased to get a selfie with me, but Farmer Spike managed to get this next shot…. But she didn’t half whinge about it later in the chook house – I mean, just look at her face, not a happy lady!

Duke 12

Shortly after that, things all changed around here. Farmer and Misses Spike went away, and a neighbour farmer lady looked after us. It’s also that time of year when new jobs come on offer, and Miss Fluffy Bum decided it was time to move on. I’m not sad though Aunty Gill, as I understand that to volunteer to go live with Mrs Fox to help feed her babies is an honourable job for any chook, and especially so for a girl with a fluffy derriere. But I’m ok, really Aunty Gill… coz look at my new gal, she’s called Mary.

Duke 13

Ok, so I may not be boss-man yet around here, but Pablo seems a little happier to let me ‘do my thing’, which is fine by me. He likes to be all macho and stand on guard, whilst I ‘look after’ the ladies; in my book that’s called fair job distribution, and so you’ll hear no complaints from me!! Here I am with the gang a few days ago up by the farmhouse.

Duke 14

I do wonder if Miss Fluffy Bum likes her new job, I hope so. She was never gonna be one for writing, not like me, but we are all proud of her having moved on to bigger and better things. Mrs Fox likes to pop by every now and then, even during office hours, but whilst she does the occasional interview, I guess none of us match up to the high standard she needs to help out at her house.

Oh, there’s Mary walking past… Sorry Aunty Gill, duty calls…

Love, your Rooster Nephew, Duke xx

Uncle Spikes Farm in Türkiye reachable at Uncle Spikes Adventures

Dear Duke

Lovely to hear from you again.  What a shock to hear that Miss Fluffy Bum  has moved on, and so suddenly. Didn’t expect that! Don’t worry if she doesn’t write to you. We can only hope she likes her new bosses as much as they took to  her !  Anyway  Mary looks like  nice company for you; and as for Spring, it  must be pretty wonderful where you are.  So Good times ahead  for sure  Duke…..

Love Auntie Gill  xx

PS.  See  you same time next month

Uncle Spikes Farm in Türkiye reachable at Uncle Spikes Adventures