Rural ride

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Just rolling over the fields
Chewing the straw
With a bite in the air
Spitting rain

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Gill McGrath© 30 August 2015. photo sequence  from yesterday around 3.30 pm

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2015-08-29 sunset DSCN0343.jpg sig  pieces of sky  later at 8 yesterday (press to enlarge)

The Morning Shift

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One day ago, I suddenly realized, the sun had shifted both ends of the day, along the line. Two days ago the sunset was really bright, but cool although it had been hot all day. Last night it was a fire and the red spread all over the sky on every visible horizon round the house for fifteen minutes. And, the morning colours  are different, where the sun nudges up in the morning in the field, if you can catch it. More like a second rise over the hill…. The sun climbs higher and higher in mist behind cloud, bursting above and through the still clearing mists shimmering white. Even the golden grey pigeon pair sit further apart now! Took me a while to work it out! The sun is acting autumn. Yeah!

Before you know it the trees will be leafless. I love leafless. It must be something to do with being born in November, loving the bare bones of trees, leaves crisp, mulching down underfoot; where the first itsy- bitsy signs of the bulbs that aim to flower in Spring will appear, starting real slow, like a secret, waiting to surprise. You have to know where to look, because they come almost unnoticed at first as they just sit there waiting to be discovered long before they make real headway in the spring and become daffodils!

For now the leaves on trees and hedges seem hardly changed except for the Virginia creeper from green to red, purple and flashes of yellow while a few trees look decidedly tatty and tired.

The pale old kite still looks like it is longing to be saved, ever more noticeable hanging sadly dragging its tail,there in its tree, leaves already crunchy red, untidy and patchy. By the bridge the leaves on ‘that poor achy old ancient tree’ are: still hanging – Miserable –Mortified -With some of the branches and twigs noticeably trying to give up…… longing to sleep.
Gill McGrath© September 29
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