observing local bird activity……

today….early morning
in the absence of sun…..
What can a bird do?
2015 02 07 bird line 1 jpg sig
Three little birds
Looking at the view
One flew towards a roof
And then there were two!
2015 02 07 bird line 2 jpg sig
Two little birds
Looking for the sun
One flew towards the sky
Then there was one!
2015 02 07 bird line 3 jpg sig
One little bird
Still looking for the sun
Saw the misty line of trees
And suddenly was gone!
2015 02 07 bird line 4 jpg sig
Gill McGrath© February 7 2015. cold

missed it. grabbed the camera.

2015 01 27 reflected at end of the road jpg sig
Gill McGrath©
I wasn’t looking for the sun. I wasn’t expecting to see it at all because of the thick grey cloud which had been clinging tightly to the spot where it usually arrives on time; the bit I keep my eye on. A strange brown light suddenly filled the room. Outside the air looked orange. Grabbing the camera I ran up stairs to find the sun. No sun; I had missed it, but its red trail was disappearing swiftly behind the fir tree across the way and leaving a strong orange glow in the air between here and there. Through the window on the opposite side I could see it throwing a wide ribbon of bright orange light all over the fields at the end of the road; lancing the roof tops, lighting up the windows, dancing through the tops of trees, sprinkling its dust on anything in its wake; orange, bright as fire glow; for two minutes. This is the best I could do before it suddenly ran out of breath, switched off…….
Gill January 27 4.35pm

Hadn’t seen the robin for a while……

2014 11 19 robin in the fig jpg sig
Then this morning he is out there in the garden early
Looking for the sun!
I had been looking at the starlings
Sitting in their tree
Looking for the sun
The same as me
Then I heard a lovely figgy song ~
~ It’s little robin sitting in his tree
Been there all along…….
watching me
Now it’s half past ten
So where’s the sun?
Gill McGrath©
(this little flash of red will do! Diary 7am…)
2014 11 19 starlings looking for the sun jpg sig