A Summer Place

So hot today we walked and walked
Towards the water to keep cool
And laughed~
Found a spider sitting on a rock
Or was it really a poor mean eyed – sad eyed croc?
~ Or am I in the shallows of a cool dark cave?
In a salt filled secret grotto
Near miles and miles of golden sands
In some far off summer place
Looking back…..
2015 07 01 rock face. summer place DSCN4362 jpg sig

Gill McGrath© 1 July SOooo hot today 32c in shade mid-day

Creeping up on some red leaves

Dear Emma, Here is the virginia creeper. It is turning red.I guess the spider is still in there somewhere. I didn’t see him hanging around. perhaps he went into hiding yesterday….maybe he didn’t like the sun.Maybe he could see me creeping about,but I couldn’t even see the web. The gentian violets are sulking in the rain today.Take care.love Rosie