the gaze

over there
a breeze
a gentle drum
a line of trees
are calling where we danced entwined forever
counting stars between the leaves
where dew on strings
breathes now the music
pale pearls of mist beneath our feet
forever softly whispering
sweet empties to the beat

Gill McGrath© today
2016-04-30 from window  DSCN4408.jpg sig
admiring the view by window with my muse early morning april end


Purple Gentle Moon

2014 11 05 purple moon norning  field evening jpg sig
You light me up
I only see
Your eyes

You give me everything
Sun stars a field trees
Fire birds and gentle bees
You change the colour of the day
With everything you say

~You know ~

The spell you put on me
is in the charm you give
dancing light on everything

Through threads strings
and flying things
A drum!
Always out of time.
Like a precious jewel
Always there somewhere!
Gill McGrath©
November 5th evening 5.30pm. Moon in the field where the sun will come up tomorrow but setting in full glow now before fireworks start in the dark at 6.30pm in the rabbit field further along the road!

sculpture: supernova

Message from Ground Control: Rearrangement of nova to supernova ‘…..the expanding shock waves from supernova explosions can trigger the formation of new stars….'(says wikipedia)….. Ok! The kids rearranged the crib again! Come Twelfth Night, crib is in box. Everything’s OK!