clouds. promising. something


2014 06 08 what difference  a magic  day makes jpg sig
Yesterday. Evening.
The clouds extraordinary
Were promising. Something.

Today. Morning.
A veil of mist hid everything.

The sun
Burned the mist
To reveal an ordinary day.

On reflection
The ordinary.


Was quite extraordinary….
Caressed, surrounded
By night, magical

All day

(Gill. diary) 06 11 2014 3.30pm

A: for alphabet sky

No car, so had to use the bus today.
Was able to stare at the yellow fields across the way…..
And as I sat
I promised me to walk there on another sunny day.

Then I looked up and
Saw the sky, specially blue and clear and
Tiny little air planes  were busy painting there..
I watched a line become a kiss; an X against the blue !
So with promises of more shapes to come I……
Fiddled for my camera

But it wasn’t there!
So I missed the shot of an upside down V turning into an A!
Gill McGrath

Press link here for an A in the sky which was caught on camera
Alex Raphael