So far from here to there

So long from here to there

Dear Emma, ‘Mary Ann’….. you did mention her recently. I thought you might be worrying again about what people might be saying.
I never knew her for long but I think she was always misunderstood… still is…. even now by some! But I know she loved you Emma and she understood that your life was busy when she left; so don’t dwell on that anymore. None of us knew time was short. However I had the chance to get to understand her and I want to say to you that you should be proud of her. She was quite a gal and so, so proud . Quite an accomplishment after everything that she had been through. All that ‘stuff’….all her life… she never stood a chance. But, bless her she held onto her pride, and we should admire her for that. I only wish she hadn’t been so secretive hiding all those bits of paper where she did . I think she knew I would find them in the end…. Just wish it hadn’t taken so long to sort out, all those pieces. God! didn’t she support everyone.Did they realise how much? She was like some sort of guardian angel and they never knew. You know she would have climbed a mountain for you if you had asked. I just wonder how high she would have flown and achieved for herself, given the chance. Her savy and instincts and spirit about doing the right thing were worth a million. She really was made for better things. Just Look at the support she gave Sam…. diminutive, blond, beautiful Sam…. If only she could have spent all that time elevating herself, just think where we would all be now!. Any way Emma, you have had it quite hard enough; and you must get over feeling guilty… for my sake, if not yours! and for all those kids, and for Henry.I know you don’t like your photo taken but between you and me I think he would like a new one! The one he has is getting tear stained! I hope that everything is gettting better for you now, and that it has been wonderful meeting up with everyone again, especially John. Such a long wait for you (how unfair) but you must realise, he never got over you. Has he told you yet? There was never anyone else. Jack said so! Its about time you knew and believed that. Write me when you have the time. Much Love Rosie xxxx

2 thoughts on “So far from here to there

  1. “…and you must get over feeling guilty…” But you can’t. You never do. You push it to the back and forget it but then some chance statement overheard in a cafe and it comes back and you feel guilty all over again.


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