19th October George is OK! on the day the sun dared to blink

sun burst

Dear Emma,

Why is it that  when everything seems  to be ok, something happens  and life itself seems to be on hold  once again? While time slithers away, you just wait and wait for time to pass in the hope that you will to be able get through it and over it, and that all will be well again.  You know Emma how  sweet time is and that there is never enough of it. You know how easy it is to see best hours of your life ebb away. Time never comes back. Time is the most precious thing. But this time its all about George.

Anyway the day came and went, and things turned out far better, for the little man, than  any of us could have ever imagined.  It all went much quicker for a start. It was meant to last all week.( It was still a day too long) and quite a performance was expected from the  little fella. I didn’t know what to think while it was all going on or what I could do. I was unable to help…….too faraway……except to pray.  Dangerous game praying. You can ask for too much.

But  we must have all prayed enough or God in the end, simply did what he could to help George.

George found  the strength to get  through it and  arrive at the other side in one piece. George did OK! Young as he is the little man has even gained something from the experience, something  he can use in life to take away and be stronger for it, or so I tell myself. George knew what to do somehow. He actually  went there with his superman outfit on;and it seemed to  give him  all the confidence he needed. They all loved him. They would have loved him anyway ofcourse, but what he was able to say bowled them over and must have made them cry. It made him a star.He really didn’t know how brave and strong he was. He got through it. Now he must forget. And so must we.

And I know he will survive, intact, mostly because he is loved.

But now is the time for real  prayers, quiet reflection and thanks while laughter returns and relief lingers in the air…… and while we all resolve (beyond prayer) that little George will never ever have any reason to go through anything like that again, ever.

My love to all and those involved,


(it may take some time to actually post this)

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