9 thoughts on “brown door. no extras

    1. No , not at all colour blind! its me! But the old door actually veers towards quite a dark dingy chocolate colour so is in the purple range….. However the door always looks like a rather miserable lonely door to me so I thought i would cheer it up, and I did turn up the colour ! First I turned up the purple with a light bit of blue then raised the brightness to give the whole some light which washed away the greys and here it is. Result:The red bricks showed up over the door ( usually unnoticeable ) And the whole looked so bright I thought I would keep it . The grey step even became much more blue in the process. The only colours associated with that scene in reality is grey brown and grey!. The ‘no extras’ in the title really meant there is no keyhole or door knob or handle. I don’t know if the door is ever opened or who goes in and out if it does open. When the colours came up I thought the door might appreciate a bit of attention…. So here it is!


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