7 thoughts on “5 am vista round the corner. sun up.

    1. Yes a particularly fantastic show this morning. The whole sky lit up. Can never understand how it doesn’t stop the traffic! Its different every time. I took a great deal more photos as usual. (a very easy thing to do in the circumstances, as the subject takes care of itself !) I have amassed a huge collection of sunsets all in high resolution since I got a camera this year. I never know which one to choose to put here! So today I simply put the first one on. I downloaded and looked at the rest (at least 100) after I posted this one. This shot is not perfect but the rest do get better. I would love to see them all beamed on a large white wall to do the sky justice! Seeing the light through the frame is a big zinger!


      1. Do you have a large pale wall you can project them on? You could have a nightime son-et-lumiere chez vous with the addition of some ambient but unobtrusive music! Some family occasion perhaps?


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