I want a memory like a fish please!

??Today, an awful lot of time was spent in the casualty department of the local hospital. It took from 10 this morning till 5 this afternoon before the journey home. All is absolutely OK now, thanks to the wonderful nursing staff and doctors so there really is no need to go on about the details of what happened. Everything is just fine!

But the day has been so long! And there has been an awful lot of sitting around in the waiting room, by a fish tank where some lazy fish  continued to swim around and around and around. I thought at one point, with so much time on my hands, I might be able to think of something funny to say later on this blog, about fishes who do nothing but swim around in circles and having short memories. But I can’t think of a single thing….….

GMcG© August 3 2014

12 thoughts on “I want a memory like a fish please!

  1. Oh dear… I hope all is well now.
    Casualty is a very depressing place to be, I fear for the fish…
    Hmmm perhaps a rescue mission could be on the cards, I think I’ve got a net.


    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for your cheery words. Things are much better here I think! It was a sudden drama involving a visitor mishap, causing related plans to fall through in an instant, creating unavoidable distress to more than me! And now everything is as if nothing happened! Which nothing did of course…..( the details are truly boring)
      What a miserable existence for the hospital fish watching all that stuff through a piece of glass…… again and again! Everything is still hectic here and full of seasonal mania , beyond my control , so I could do with a net, if you found it! However things should run their course towards some sort of normality during the next week or so!!! (Slightly not blogging at the moment) Take care. Gill.


  2. I am quite pleased to hear that you are OK … I think you’re lucky the emergency room had a fish tank. I don’t believe I’ve ever been in an ER with anything fancy like that.


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