8 thoughts on “Clean up dance for the end of summer with Laurel and Hardy!

  1. Rather excellent… Hey you’ll never guess what, Stan Laurel lived in North Shields which is where I’m…
    What was that sorry?
    Actually yes you are right we have discussed this before, sorry for forgetting myself. Ah yes now I remember, it was November the 19th of last year at 6.22am, as I recall, I had to reprimand the Moon for waking you up early.
    How are those two pictures of Cameron and Clegg doing?


    1. They are OK thanks! Thank you for reminding me! Well I just went back to look at your reprimand of the moon and it was 5.26 am actually ( You must get your facts right)…… I had been awake because of the moon shining in my face and I had got up and had just switched on the computer with coffee and you were saying it was snowing…… but it was only frosty here! It was 6.22 am over at Joplin’s piano, when you said what you said about the statues of L and H right near your old house ! I had played the Joplin clip because it was what my dad would play on the piano back in the day and what me my sister would dance to!…… in our own fashion! But here’s the thing… I played the clip again just now (with your Laurel and Hardy all gone! …….. they are still in my living room by the way, still Cameron and Cleggy ) But I noticed this time at the end of the video clip the engraving on Joplin’s grave stone. It looks like Joplin was born on the same day as me (not the same year though!) But I guess there are only 365 days in any one year you can get born on!!! …Have a lovely weekend Mark 🙂


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