4 thoughts on “Flight of the Phoenix tonight

    1. Thank you for your words! Greatly appreciated…..
      Strange, last night how the sky looked like it did (for me, a bird wing) especially in the absence of the two pigeons who sit on the roof looking over there at that time; usually. The pigeons had n’t been around for a couple of days and were on my mind when I took the photo! I had begun to think the farmer might have had something to do with their absence… although as these two are wily old things, I am sure they will never get shot. And of course, they were n’t shot(this time ) They were back early this morning singing sweetly, before the sun, as they do, on the lines, outside the bedroom window; and were still there when the sun came out early, later. The sun has been blindingly glorious all day so ……
      noctem exspecto columbarum ad fry in solis iubar
      (I hope that reads something like ‘Tonight, the pigeons can expect to fry in sun glow’)
      Columbæ = fat, fruit eating birds, doves, or pigeons. They are all these things.( but probably not doves)
      Loved the ‘ words of satin’ bit by the way! Gill


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