13 thoughts on “autumn saffron

    1. Probably not!….I think I may be lucky at the moment.The aspect is from the third floor window ( we live on top of a hill) and lately I have been photographing the sun from there while it currently hangs about by a pole and power line in front of a lot of trees over the way. The sun is moving noticeably along the power line, a little everyday, which has actually become rather interesting ( to me)…… as I have got to know just when to walk up stairs ,with out hanging around too long, and also where to place the camera!. The sun is not seen so much now in all its glory from the garden ( too low) although I could walk round into some open fields, but I quite like sitting in the warm at the top of the house. The aspect of the window and trees and gaps which will be coming up along the line as the sun works it way round promises some easy interesting shots of the sun (and moon when its there) in autumn winter mode (I hope) without me going to far! (with cups of coffee in hand).


  1. I can imagine sitting with a nice hot cup of tea watching this sunset.. lovely picture.. bless you for sharing its beauty with us .. hugs and happy blogging


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