6 thoughts on “high notes in autmnal sepia

    1. Hi Janet . Glad you like it. Actually this is a full colour unaltered shot!. Its just the morning light in a brown ploughed mist filled place that makes it look like sepia. I called the shot sepia because it looked like sepia perhaps because of the autumn light.. If you enlarge the picture to its full size there are bits of green in the foreground. There is a lot of green up here actually where it’s not ploughed over as there is no real leaf fall much yet. You cant see the water from where I took the photo but it is the stream and river system winding around down there all over the place that causes the mists in the valley . Higher on the hill where our house is,its actually level or higher than the horizon line opposite ( as in the shot) We deal more with the wind! Clouds are still way way above us! And the sun, when it happens is very drying. We would be the last to go in a Noah’s flood ( which can be very reassuring!) We used to live next to a river a few years back and the house we were in got flooded out only last year! Sorry to go on! have a lovely weekend ❤ Gill


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