15 thoughts on “Jess

  1. A cat? 25?

    We had one go until about 20, but she was really worn down at the end. That cat was with us for most of my young life.

    Here’s to another 25!


    1. Ha ha and hi there! There is nothing complicated here, ‘happy as Larry’ is just another way of saying ‘happy go lucky’ which he is!.’ Blackberry’ simply refers to the camera phone and photo-merge ‘movie’ editing programme to get the repeat movement …It was late and I couldn’t remember the details at the time of writing the post…. So it stopped at the word Blackberry!
      I had been intending to write more about Jess, he deserves a little recognition for his longevity if nothing else! As it happens the picture actually says it all because his main claim to fame (that is he is still alive and occasionally runs round the garden) is based on a simple routine, which is mostly to sleep on that chair, then yawn, then eat, stretch, then sleep… on that chair again….. He gave up birds a long time ago….. So there is a tale in there somewhere and perhaps it is the advice he would give for us all to follow if only he could talk!!! Hence the few words ‘Jess, 25 years old and as happy as Larry’ is his story. Not many of us could describe what we do in so many words! Well done Jess….. 🙂 And thanks for your words!

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