heat on

2014 11 02  sunset  fire  jpg sig
Quite suddenly glittering brown light shone through the window. Rain started to fall. The sun was in burn. And to the side of the house a rainbow was riding the wires! Race on with the camera~ two minutes~ all gone!
Gill McGrath© 5 o’clock November 2 Diary
2014 11 02 rainbow jpg sig
2014 11 02 fire and brimstone jpg sig

12 thoughts on “heat on

    1. It wasn’t for long by the time I noticed the sun and the photos of which I only had time to take 4 are untouched! I don’t know what will happen to sunsets when it gets colder as expected this week.:)


      1. Same here – I only noticed the light change by chance, but it lasted longer. Just checked the weather – better dig up my lemon geraniums!!!


    2. It was probably a little bit longer here but by the time I noticed anything unusual there were just three minutes left. What’s all this about lemon geraniums? I have never heard of lemon ones. They sound rather wonderful. Better take care of them! 🙂


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