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Oh dear my laptop is playing up. It won’t switch on when I want it to! Apparently it may have something to do with the motherboard (expensive)(potentially the price of a new machine) or it is simply just the connection where the lead goes in wiggling a bit (cheaper) but either way it is a time consuming and expensive mend as it will have to be stripped. Nothing else wrong with the machine! Its just difficult to switch on and to fire the battery up with the lead rendering it useless at times. So I might disappear for a week or so! I don’t get on with doing this stuff on the small ipad although I can keep visiting with that. So far the connection lead is jammed in and working () and the battery is at 100% so there it will stay, but you can’t dance by it or even creep by it without it sulking! Hoping the lead will rust into place and keep going! Meanwhile I am filing and saving everything…not crying just yet! LOL Gillxxx

11 thoughts on “just a few lines on a post card

  1. Good luck with the machine……like you I don’t get on very well at all with this kind of thing! However, having said that, I find the best results come when I walk away from said machine, and give it some space……:) Janet.


  2. I love my blog but I don’t understand my computer. I’ve got photoshop which my 17 yo wants desperately and she can have it. And I’ve got picasa or something that I might try to use. If only I could fly on the strength of my words and not need tarting up with pictures. But I do Like the pictures. I really weep for you if your computer is playing funny buggers.


    1. thanks so much. You have got it in one how utterly desperate the relationship between ‘me’ and the computer is. A man called to explain what it all might mean and he took out the battery and pressed a few bits and it is tottering along OK dare I say it right now…..if the problem shows up again he is ready to fix it. I am hoping it was all a bit of static and a still bit of a dodgy plug. So I am kind of staggering on, resigned to switching on very carefully and hoping it does actually switch on! I have millions of good photos on here I have plans for……The man says they are safe.So for the moment it looks like I am still blogging. Take care! 🙂


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