!!eriF*Fire!! : Shots. Between. Runs. No time

2014 11 28  Nov 5th fireworks jpg sig

2014 11 28 5th November sunset jpg sig

2014 11 05 purple moon norning  field evening jpg sig

All three photos were taken on November 5 (UK Bonfire night) in the two fields  either side of my house. Here is a  sequence taken casually during the course of  about an hour in the changing light that night.( times approximate).

One – at the fireworks party at 6.00 pm in the rabbit’s allotment field to one side.

Then- the sunset (detail) at 5.00 pm from my turret in the middle.

And then the  moon hanging in the huge space, the farmers rabbit field with the wide horizon. I simply abandoned  the fabulous comfortable sunset  seat and dashed over to the moon to grab it  before the clouds could as soon as I noticed it in the light pink sky.

I  am not sure which piece of the the sky took more of my breath that evening. At first it was the silent and dramatic spangled sky from the house; then back to a silent gentle night just before lights out as it rushed silently over the field,  then forward , back again to a dark and a rather noisy light driven shining on indigo crackling, in the cosiest field!  I could only hope in the end that the rabbits had made a run for it  through and out of the middle of it,  to the quieter place on the other side,  run,running towards the moon, but I didn’t see them.

Gill McGrath©

14 thoughts on “!!eriF*Fire!! : Shots. Between. Runs. No time

    1. They must have grown wings that night ( or do all the fields round here connect with secret ancient bunny running tunnels?) ….. I saw flicks from bunny tails, joined to dancing brown shadows, in yet another field this morning, two fields away from the rather dangerous Farmer’s field and 3 fields away from the ashes…. and just a little nearer to the moon. So all is well! ❤ (Honestly!)


    1. It was pretty awesome round the bonfire. I hadn’t wanted to go. It had been a bit of a busy day. It was only over the way so it was easy enough pop over. I am glad I went because I got a few good ones.


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