19 thoughts on “Street. the stinging edge

    1. Yes its a magnificent black painted shining window frame it is also where some little bits of stinging yellow are if you blow up the picture! little bits glistening light the same colour as the wall underneath which is actually grey in daylight.

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      1. you can print them in photo shops, or photo labs, I believe there still are some where you live.

        I print mine in labs, I don’t know how to print alone, but, believe me, it’s the only way to know the quality of your photos, when you print them, they look very different that what you see in the computer screen


      2. Yes I realize about the differences between screen and print. Although most of my photos are taken in high resolution and not usually edited they may still hold some surprises if printed! I would like to see the difference with photos I have edited to the original untouched photos when printed. I think I had better start doing something about it!


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