Geometric pastel morning

This was February 2 at about 7.30am. Looking east. A planet is caught by the chimney in white smoke tinged by the sun.
2015  02 07 02 sunrise 2 7 .30am jpg sigGill McGrath©

2015  02 07 02 sunrise 1 7 .30am jpg sig Gill McGrath© The bird perch.

2015  02 07 02 sunrise 3  7 .30am jpg sigGill McGrath© The place that turns all shades of pink by the evening, now striped with the morning; sun rising on the right…

[I am sorting through my stuff, to keep,throw or store, to make space on my hard drive]

12 thoughts on “Geometric pastel morning

  1. Beautiful as always, I feel for you having to sort out the pictures, keep some, throw some, etc.. I know this task is so difficult for me to do. I tend to save it to a thumb drive for later inspection .. oh my decisions, decisions.. 🙂
    When it warms up a bit here in northern Canada, I need to wake with the sun and see what I can see as well.. But, it’s just too cold right now, so I delight here with your lovely shots of beauty… Have a great Monday….

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


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