evening : a golden finale ~ with hailstones


2015 02 21 pre cloud jpg sig

2015 02 21 cloud overhead at 5 34 pm

2015 02 21 cloud overhead at 5 35 pm

2015 02 21  cloud  evening jpg sig
~ suddenly ten minutes of brown light filled the air ~
a golden fly past in wind and hailstones.

2015 02 21 singing his heart jpg sig 
There had been a warning ! Birds had been taking flight in droves in front of the breeze. And this little fella had been singing over the way for quarter of an hour before he flew off in the same direction….
~ Gill McGrath© February 21

11 thoughts on “evening : a golden finale ~ with hailstones

    1. Hi Suchled. It didn’t thunder, just a vast tumbling golden brown cloud floated by the window (a few wispy navy blue clouds overlaying the white ones elsewhere up there) then wind …. and a sudden flurry of hail which went as quickly as it came and the sun was there all the time….no rainbows though; not just here! The night then became frosty. Ice on the roads this a.m. [Hope you get your thunder soon!] Gill


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